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Monday, January 2, 2017

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That post-holiday feeling; manifested in the Midwest sky and splattered with non-committal winter rain. 2016 in the rear view mirror and the grocery stores action-packed with shopping carts filled with New Year's resolutions. 

The two-year-old, awake before 7 in spite of recent late bedtimes; demanding to plug the 'lights!' still coiled around the bannister along with faux evergreen that sheds it's needles onto the wood steps.  

The lights will soon be stashed in basements and garages and the light is fading fast from the eyes of exhausted adults returning to work for another year of what we hope to be a better version of last year. 

The light is strong though, in the wide and wondering blue and green eyes of our boys. They still jump and land on two feet, arms flailing happily at their sides for no reason other than the possibility of 'chocolate!' They eagerly ask 'what comes after night-night?' eagerly, enthusiasm not waned at all by the idea that soon it will be school and work and mundaneness. 

I take that light with me on an afternoon run, splashing through puddles with another glow that is the happy company of friends who somehow share my willingness to traipse through the wet winter weather and laugh at ourselves. 

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