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Monday, November 14, 2016

2016 Reset: Day 1

I think we can all agree that 2016 has been a shit show of enormous proportions. I can't imagine I'm alone in the sentiment that the more I pay attention to the world, the more I want to crawl beneath a blanket and hide from it. And let's be clear, I would probably take a jar of peanut butter and a spoon along with me. Evidently, running 3 half marathons this fall weren't enough to spare me from the sense that I am about 30 seconds away from a diagnosable case of depression and/or anxiety and nearly 20 pounds over my happy place. 

It was the hubs who brought up trying Whole30. Apparently, I've become so difficult to live with, he's actually willing to stay sober an entire month in an effort to help me relocate my mojo. So, after a weekend spent cramming over the 30 day plan book, meal-planning and prepping, and purging our kitchen of those greatest of temptations (minus the peanut butter, which has been hidden away in case there's a pre-schooler peanut butter emergency).

So here I am. Day 1. I would be knee-deep in the honeymoon phase, all hopped up on a smug sense of superiority if it weren't for the resurgence of the death-plague of a cold I thought I had kicked. I will say, nasal congestion can certainly be a real asset in making good dietary choices for the following two reasons: A) losing your sense of smell makes all food seem sort of lifeless and unappealing and B) the sense of possible suffocation felt with every meal in an attempt to politely 'chew with your mouth closed' makes eating feel vaguely like a suicide attempt. 

But I digress.

Obviously, the week before Thanksgiving is a really insane time to decide to give up drinking, sugar, and dairy but I actually look forward to challenging the boundaries of my own self-discipline. I am determined to prove to myself that I am capable of overcoming cravings and change my current relationship with food, because let's face it, that particular relationship has been borderline abusive at times.

I know it's gonna get ugly in the next few weeks (days?) and there's a pretty solid chance I will topple off the back of the figurative wagon once or twice. However, I am looking forward to regaining some sense of control and maybe a little empowerment and hopefully even kick that foreboding sense of doom and helplessness that has been nagging at me recently. At the very least, perhaps I am preventing a tailspin of gluttony, shame, and despair ...not necessarily in that order.

In short, day one has left me with the following feelings: hope & a chapped nose. 


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