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Monday, October 17, 2016

Why I'm Vacationing from Facebook Until November 9th

1. Because otherwise, I can't stop myself from diving into the vicious political debates unfolding on mine and others' comments sections that have gone far beyond policy and into what is decidedly dangerous territory: denying the legitimacy of traditionally reputable news media; openly calling for one candidate to undermine our democratic tradition of the peaceful transition of power and jail the other; lashing out against women and questioning our our fitness to decide how to care for our bodies and fully participate in democracy; disregarding the very real and distinct difference between bragging about sexual assault and using foul language; condoning violence and racism; and completely misunderstanding the previously evolved understanding that 'freedom' doesn't mean 'liberties awarded to all us white people and only as long as it doesn't makes us feel uncomfortable and/or guilty.'

2. Because I have essentially digitally created a safe and happy space for me and my like-minded Villagers and STILL the occasional voice of complete lunacy creeps in and I am so disturbed by it, I have literally lost hours of sleep and cried countless tears for the future of this nation. 

3. Because if I watch another mom-feud erupt on a mom group over circumcision or vaccinations or using essential oils to heal a critically ill infant, I might actually stick a fork into my left eye.

4. Because I don't think I can physically continue to carry the burden that comes from feeling obligated to speak up when I see someone who is acting like an ignorant bully but frequently lacking the strength to do so. Nobody asked me to carry it, it's linked to white guilt that I don't have the right to bitch about, but I'm just so damn tired because I strapped that shit onto my back anyways.

5. Because I am a woman, and at the age of 34, I am just now realizing the full extent of what that means. I've felt it for years, but nobody stood at a podium to shout -- or sat behind a phone to tweet -- to hundreds of thousands of adoring, like-minded fans that I am an object with a value that could be rated on a 10-scale who should be ashamed of my 'disgusting'-ness: my decision to be a mom and either return to the workplace at all with a need to pump milk for my child, or have the nerve to take that baby in public where it might be disruptive; my right to have an opinion and openly express that opinion; and the extra 10-30 pounds I have carried around with me my entire adult life. On the other hand, being overweight has apparently saved me from being the victim of sexual assault, which would've been justified under the right conditions, so I suppose there's that. That extra X chromosome has made me a lesser person, and I'm not sure I ever realized it in the way I'm realizing it now.

6. Because there simply aren't enough funny cat videos, memes, and GIFs in the whole history of the Internet to dampen the blow that comes from a relative, an old co-worker, or a high school classmate when they post a meme that essentially says: I'm feeling hurt, so I'm being hurtful and I just don't fucking get it.

7. Because my friends on Facebook who are people of color who may also practice a non-Christian religion have suffered far more  than my petty white-women-ness and now go about their business (many who are physicians and attorneys and mothers and fathers) with an increasingly visible targets on their backs. It's open-season out there for racists and bigots, and I just can't bear to watch. And yes, I have to luxury of simply deleting my Facebook app in order to avoid being faced with that particular ugliness. 

8. Because people keep dying from gun violence and we continue to insist that guns have nothing to do with it.

9. Because *of course* 'all lives matter' but when you say that, you're missing the goddamn point. 

10. Because I just...fucking....can't. Not anymore.