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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sawdust and Urine: Part 8

Today is a profoundly sad and tragic day for our country. I want to sort out how I am feeling about a world where so much senseless violence and hatred lives and flourishes. I want to wrap my brain around how to talk to my children about that world and what we can and can't do about the ugliness. 

I want to do those things, but I can't; because I just don't know how. Because it's too damn painful. Instead, today I had to put it all out of my brain and just be mom. 

Instead of talking about how terrified and disgusted recent events have left us all feeling, I am going to post pictures of our project. It may seem insensitive or short sighted to use my tiny little platform for such a petty purpose on a day when our nation is grieving and scared and angry and yelling at each other; but the events in Orlando are too painful to talk about and I'm just too weak and sad to fully go there right now. 

Today, I'm not feeling particularly jovial and my usual humor is sitting pretty low in my gut right now, buried by a profound sense of helplessness and sorrow. I also am aware that the details of the lengthy delays in our home renovations and the frustrations we've felt over those delays and how they've been handled now feel so petty and so totally irrelevant. 

So I will simply dig up some photos and keep my usual commentary out of this post. 

Kitchen: April 12

Wall removed

Kitchen: April 27

Switched the windows

Kitchen: June 8

Of note: in the time since we started this project, our youngest learned to walk and we've potty trained 1.5 of our children. 

We have walls!

Kitchen: June 10

Taping and mudding the drywall

Kitchen: June 12

Remember our bathroom? 


Bathroom: May 8

my loves


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