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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sawdust and Urine: Part 2


It's day three of renovation and there's definitely no turning back. I arrived home and parked next to our blue tub. 

For one brief moment, I mourned the loss of that baby blue porcelain. Then I swallowed back the urge to dance, it somehow seemed gauche. So the bathroom is gone. Like, completely. When I was getting the unsurprising official news that I'd reinfected myself with strep, the NP suggested we wipe down the surfaces of the bathroom 'really well' this time. I think we might've gone a little overboard, but I'll be damned if that virus hasn't been cleared out of the bathroom:

Part of me is sort of loving the exposed brick. But I guess tile is more practical...so is having a floor:

It's difficult to see by this photo but Holy Balls, there is an exposed two story drop...in my house. Luckily I've learned I can operate basically without sleep, because there's no chance I will be sleeping again until our bathroom is no longer a terrifying death trap (or at least I can lie awake worrying about normal things again, like a Trump presidency, #MakeDonaldDrumphAgain) 


The two-year-old insisted he wear his Mickey underpants to school today, and begrudgingly agreed to also wear his plastic pants. He had a big win by peeing on the potty during the class potty break, then he sweetly crawled into the lap of one of his teachers and peed on her. He recounted the incident with pragmatic indifference to both my husband and myself this evening, leading me to believe I am for sure raising a sociopath.

The three-year-old sat dutifully on his tiny plastic throne for me twice today and a family trip to Target was phase one of the 'major bribery' stage of this process. He's now the proud owner of several 'Potty Only Toys' and we'll see where that takes us. 

Meanwhile, there is dust in places that don't even make sense and urine in places I probably don't even know about, including poor Ms Katie's pants...

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