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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Good Dad

My husband recently spent a week away for work and I was left home facing the harsh realities of single motherhood. This Father's Day, I find myself appreciating him more than ever. 


...because sometimes 3am with a baby feels like it might break you. Add a wakeful toddler into the mix and the situation may seem especially bleak. Without the loving, patient, and capable arms of a good dad, there just simply aren't enough arms.

...because a little boy needs to be able to drag his father to the middle of the living room to dance with him.

...because sometime there's a rat in the basement or a squirrel in the kitchen and that shit requires a brave and clever soul to remedy. 

...because it is so important that small boys see grown men showing affection. 

...because having that time alone to run or spin or practice yoga or whatever makes for a more patient and happy mommy. And for him, watching the children is not ever considered 'babysitting,' only 'parenting.' 

...because having a second set of hands to dress the children is crucial. And sometimes those hands chose clothes that even sort of match. 

...because it takes a special kind of magic to turn a screaming toddler into a laughing toddler.

...because not every man could handle a wife who can't cook without a little crispy burn around the edges, can't keep an iPhone screen from cracking for more than a week, and refuses to assist with rat disposal.

...because we created this messy, loud, ever-moving, obscenely-enthusiastic three ring circus together and if it takes two to tango, it takes at least that many to raise three boys. 

As my mother would tell you, I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince, and maybe it was dumb luck, but I couldn't be happier with my choice of partner and the man who my children call (with gusto) 'daddy' 

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