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Friday, December 6, 2013

How This Rock Landed on My Finger

Next weekend, the hubs and I will strap the rugrats into their respective rear-facing car seats and aim our humble chariot north on I-55, stopping only long enough to unload said rugrats into the eager arms of their Gammy and Nonno.  This will be our seventh Christmastime trip to the Windy City.  It is a tradition that started the year we met and I was living there with two roommates, an air mattress, and mounting student loans.

The following was originally posted during one such visit, four years ago today.  I can still remember the giddy sense of excitement that fueled these words:

It seems a little insane to plan a December trip to downtown Chicago and not pack a scarf. My friend's husband and co-host to our venture called it a 'rookie mistake,' a statement to which I took only minor offense because I have in fact been a (very temporary) resident of this great city; and should have known better. Still, my concern for being scarf-less was trumped only by my boyfriend's apparent concern for our being camera-less. This struck me as a little odd, mainly because he normally seems less than interested in my obsessive photo-snapping. But I let it slide, because stranger things have happened.

This is the third trip my boyfriend and I have taken to see the big city christmas lights, and thus I will now call it an 'annual tradition.' To complete the tradition, we have three main stops: 

1) The Christkindle market in Daly Plaza: an excuse to drink spiced wine and collect the cheesy tourist mugs in which the wine is served 

2) Macys: to enjoy the crowds and consumerism of the season without making any actual purchases. 

3) Millennium Park: to watch ice skaters fall down and snap silly pictures of ourselves in the giant mirrored 'Bean.'

When we'd tired of giggling at uncoordinated skaters and got to the Bean portion of the night, the subject of my uncharacteristic camera-free state arose only long enough to decide we could substitute with my (inferior) phone camera.  I was dragged my to the outer ridge of the bean and positioned in front of my travel companion, presumably to allow my smartphone photography skills to take shape. As I fumbled to create the appropriate angle with the viewfinder, I happened to notice something glimmering on my right shoulder.

What happened next is a bit of a blur, because I tend to stop listening when I see something shiny. But the gist of it is, my best friend and roommate suddenly got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. At least, I hope that's what I agreed to....

...and THAT is how this rock landed on my finger.

Seven months later, we dragged almost 300 of our dearest friends and family out into the smothering St Louis heat to attend the greatest wedding in recorded history (this is fact).  And thus, our amazing little family was established.  

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