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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Christmas Poem

T'was the night before Christmas Eve and all through the house, 
all the creatures were stirring, 
I think even a mouse.  

Unwrapped presents were piled by the tree without care, 
in hopes that the wrapping fairy soon would appear.  

The children were crying, 
not wanting their beds,
while visions of a beach vacation 
danc'd in my head.

And Pa in his sweatpants, 
opening a Christmas music app, 
it wasn't a secret
we could both use a nap.

When in the next room, 
there arose such a clatter, 
I sprang from the couch, 
fearing tears or blood-spatter.

Away from my wrapping, 
I sprang like a frog, 
and luckily I found 
it was only the dog.  

I settled back to my task, 
with scissors in hand, 
to the tune of Jingle Bells 
sung by some awful rock band.

When what to my worrying 
mind did appear, 
but the fact that two presents 
were absent from the tier.

I searched and I stewed, 
things weren't going my way.  
Where were the damn things?  
...ordered way back on Black Friday!?!?

A glance at the bank account confirmed my fears: 
The presents had *not* been purchased
...commence Christmas tears.  

I scrambled on Google 
to re-direct my fate, 
but alas the gifts are personalized 
and will arrive two weeks too late.  

You've known me for 31 years 
--almost 32 -- 
so Mom and Dad, 
my blunder is not so surprising to you.  

Not long after the New Year and the Epiphany, 
a box will arrive -- 
perhaps down the chimney.  

In the spirit of Christmas, 
I will not place blame.  
But my inattention to detail 
has caused gift-giving shame. 

Maybe next year I'll sing a more uplifting tune, 
but this year I am crabby 
-- not having slept since last June.  

And so I exclaim before you get too miffed, 
Merry Christmas to all

-- oh, and this poem is your gift. 

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