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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Two Under Two: Part Five

Settlers piled into covered wagons and travelled across this great nation with about 10% the amount of luggage we are hauling for a long weekend away with our boys.  As my grandfather, an aeronautical engineer, was apparently fond of saying, 'it's not so much the kids, it's the ground support equipment.'

Here's a brief list of our 'ground support equipment' for our holiday travels:

1. Two pack n plays 
2. One double stroller
3. One umbrella stroller 
4. One Baby Bjorn baby carrier 
5. Seventeen teensy-tiny onesies
6. Six infant-sized pairs of pants
7. Eight toddler-sized shirts
8. Three miniature hoodies
9. Five 18 to 24-month-size pants
10. One crazy-small and hopelessly adorable fleece vest
11. Four fists-full of itsy-bitsy socks
12. Two pairs of size five shoes
13. One corduroy pageboy hat that will only serve to aggrivate and (later) embarrass the baby, but cause no end of delight to mommy
14. Four pairs of footie pajamas, ('p-jammers') for adequate 'pitter-pattering' of little feet
15. Three sleep sacks -- Halo brand, could not live without, wouldn't want to try.
16. Five knit winter hats (for a total of two adult and two pint-sized heads, I know--the math didn't work for me either)
17.  Three winter coats, one pumpkin-seat cover, and three warm blankets 
18.  Six bottles and six slow-flow nipples
19.  Enough frozen milk to feed the baby for four days (because when packing the cooler, I had the totally rational thought that I could get hit by a bus, rendering my boobs useless)
20. Two sets of pumping supplies -- because scrubbing those bastards all the time gets annoying.  But because I must...
21. One bottle scrub brush.
22. One electronic breast pump
23. Two nursing covers -- presumably one for each boob?
24. One cigarette-lighter power adapter
25.  Seven books
26.  Two balls (ha)
26.  One iPad -- ghetto rigged to the back of the passenger seat because we couldn't find an actual mount on short notice.
27.  One fully-stocked diaper bag PLUS a second bag with even more diapers and wipes.
28. One inhaler, because vacation is an opportune time for colds.
29.  Infant Tylenol, because you never know and I'll be damned if I have to 'run out' to the store on Black Friday.  
30.  One DSLR camera for which to harass my children, overwhelm my 'vintage' laptop, and document this fiasco we're calling a holiday.

....and maybe a thing or two for mom and dad and whatever else we forgot....

...like say, the kids.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Please don't buy us any Christmas gifts, the trunk is already begging for mercy. 

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