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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Un-killable Buzz

In the past 12 hours, the universe and some of it's inhabitants have seemingly been needling my family with a variety of aggravations: a failed moonroof, a 'check engine' light, a broken toothbrush holder, and full on spiteful, sneaky and passive aggressive behavior at it's very finest.  Bravo, universe.  

Frankly, I was too tired to respond with my usual vigor.  

Aside from operating on a new-mommy sleep schedule that made me slow to respond (Mom friends: you know that glazed-over, zombie-faced feeling you get when you don't sleep for longer than 90 minutes at a time?), we'd had a damn good day and to hell with any attempts to kill this buzz. 

Here is a short list of why my good mood will not flinch in the face of adversity:

1) I have decided that work can wait.  Screw it.  We have found a way to limp through the next few months without losing our house or defaulting on student loan payments, even without my unusual contribution to the finances.  So as of yesterday morning, I am officially playing the part of 'stay-at-home (NICU) -mommy' --at least until we run out of money ;)  I honestly don't know how I managed working nearly the whole 5 weeks that #1 preemie man chilled in the NICU without losing my mind completely.  I guess we can blame the fact that my husband and I are now also responsible for parenting both a 15-month-old *and* the delicate little man at the hospital.  Now, I can focus my energies where they are most needed : with my amazing little family.

2) We were cleared to nurse!!  At a mere 32 weeks and 4 days, my son demonstrated not only that he was ready to *try* going straight to the food source but he latched like a total pro and sucked, swallowed and even breathed like it was goin out of style for nearly a full 20 minutes.  I am still beaming with pride.  

3)  My toddler is the funniest baby I know.  No, he doesn't tell jokes, but he makes me laugh with his constant pratfalls :)  But seriously, we spent yesterday at the park, the pool, and capped it all off by watching fireworks.  That kid of mine just did not stop smiling and laughing the whole day and his good mood spreads like wildfire.  It is literally impossible to be upset in the presence of those dimpled cheeks and toddler-sized giggles.  The way his face lights up in response to the tiniest affection or new stimulus makes my whole heart too full for anything but sheer joy.  

Boy am I a walking mom-cliche or what??  I don't even care you guys, honestly I don't.

4)  For the first time since I was put on 'modified bedrest' 9 weeks ago, I woke up with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  That may not sound like cause for celebration to you, but I...am...stoked.  I am so feeling *so* fortunate that I was able to jump right back into working out postpartum.  In the 10 days since my son was born, I have been able to run up to four miles and hang for almost an hour worth of 'Body Combat' (a class I normally teach). Guess that's the one upside to having such a tiny baby, and of course I am super fortunate that I didn't need a c- section.  

In short, this buzz un-killable. So don't even bother wasting your negative energy, Universe.

Bring on another beautiful day.  I am totally ready.

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