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Monday, July 15, 2013

Husband lottery winner: Part 2

It's been just over a week since my husband and parents talked me out of being a crazy person and (stupidly) trying to work while scrambling back and forth between #1 at home and #2 in the NICU.  Since that time, I've had a really unique opportunity to spend some real quality time with my cool little family.  Hubs is a band teacher and presently home for his brief summer 'break' between summer school and band camp (starts in a week!)  

Here's the thing about my husband: he does not do settle into idle speed very well.   If he's not actively engaged in some big project, he is strategizing for when and how to execute the next one.  

Here is a brief list of home improvement projects he has completed in the 4.5 years since buying our 'fixer upper'

1. Ripped up yucky wall-to-wall carpet.
2. Refinished lovely hardwood floors.

3. Added custom wainscoting to dining room.

4. Installed new light fixtures in front hallway, dining room, kitchen, and upstairs! hallway
5.  Installed a half bathroom in a under-staircase hallway.

6.  Added a firepit, gravel, and sitting area in the backyard
7.  Landscaped front and backyards by adding flower beds and electric landscape lights.

8.  Installed a gas fireplace with custom mantle/built in bookshelves in the living room (this was the only item he contracted out)

9. Replaced an ass-load of hideous wood paneling with drywall (this happened early on, I insisted it was either me or the wood paneling). 
10. Painted kitchen cabinets and installed new backsplash

Yup. Just a brief list.  I know there's stuff I've left off. 

See, some folks talk a big game when it comes to home improvement projects, my husband?  He gets sh*t done.

Which is precisely why he stresses me out.

Frankly, if I had it my way, I'd be one of those people sitting around talking a big game.  You would find my happy ass anchored to the couch, eyes glazed over and fixed on the DIY network, daydreaming of home improvements that would just never come to fruition.  

And the wood paneling would probably still be staring me in the face, pissing me off more each day.  

I love that he's a get 'er done kinda guy.  In fact, it's one of my favorite qualities about him.
Still, his plans and lists and trips to  Lowes pretty much give me endless anxiety.  

I believe it has something to do with my Meyers-Briggs personality type.  

See, probably the most useful thing we did before getting married was meet with a relationship counselor at our church.  She assessed our Meyers-Briggs types then laughed out loud and said, 'well this should be interesting'. 

Turns out, we are polar opposites in all categories.  

Well that's it, I figured, we were utterly doomed. Might as well call the florist, cancel the cake, and start composing an uncomfortable email to our 300 closest friends and family.  

Luckily, the counselor was more optimistic than that.  She said it would just be important that we were aware of these differences and that they could actually make our partnership stronger in some ways.

The Myers-Briggs category that I think is most relevant in the Project execution situation is the final category, J (judging) versus P (perceiving).  

That category has to do with the way that we approach our environment.  

In my case, I'm frankly not all that motivated until the day before a deadline.  This explains my unavoidable eight-year love affair with all-nighters during collage and grad school.

The hubs, on the other hand, needs life to be orderly and under control.  It's entirely possible his love affair with making lists surpasses his love affair with yours truly.  

Early babies be damned, my husband's summer plans to replace the decrepit and increasingly ineffective fence behind our house would not be deterred.  

Somehow, his extreme organization and motivation has allowed for him to make this fence project happen, in spite of the un-predictable arrival of our second inpatient child.  


My P-type brain will never fully understand his J-type lifestyle choices.  But I love him for it -- and not just because he makes our home beautiful and gets the bills paid on time. 

I'm so grateful him and for this time we have together right now; Even though the past couple of days have been spent covered in dirt and sweat.  

Loving my good fortune.
Loving that I won the husband lottery and that I don't even have to pay taxes on my winnings :)


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