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Monday, June 24, 2013

Why Mommy Message Boards Make Me Batty

It may not surprise you to learn that today I decided to Google the term 'surviving hospital bed rest'. What can I say? It seemed relevant.

There I was, casually 'surfing the web' when I suddenly found myself gasping for air after being rapidly sucked into deeper waters by an undertow of message boards.  Damn!!  Those bitches got me again!

So now I am making a short list.  It will remind me of why I should renew my commitment to stick with an earlier vow I made to steer way clear of mommy message boards once and for all.

Two Reasons Mommy Message Boards Make Me Batty:

1.  Grammar snob, coming through:  Okay, I am happy to admit that my writing is probably not always the picture of ideal grammar, spelling, and punctuation.  I also fully understand that message boards are not intended to be scrutinized for appropriate comma placement or use of upper case letters.  But I just can't keep myself from wondering what 5th grade teacher let these people move onto middle school without some basic understanding of the use of apostrophes.  Really??? 

Shoot.  I just realized the Magnesuim is making me dizzy, standing up here on top of my soapbox. Plus, you people don't care about grammar anyways, right? It's a dying art.  The word 'you' will be completely extinct, fully replaced by it's lazy counterpart: the letter 'u,' by the time my son reaches Kindergarten.

2.  I don't need more things to keep me up at night.  Lying awake listening to beeping IV poles, the clicking and whooshing of SCDs, and being badgered by vital checks and full bladders is plenty, thanks.  Now I can't stop worrying about 'Elizabetty' from NJ and her 9 weeks in trendelenburg and wondering why she couldn't see her 3 -year-old.  

Incidentally, once I was able to come up for air from the message board pit of despair, I did find some nice tips from bloggers and 'legit' websites on 'surviving' bed rest.  

Because I am forever an optimist, I will hold on off blogging my response to these sites and suggestions.  Word on the street is that the magnesium will get the boot tomorrow morning and if my uterus cooperates, I could be headed home before long!

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