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Monday, June 24, 2013

Why 'Incompetent' ??

Good question.

Because I think the medical term: Incompetent Cervix is offensive and well let's face it, a bit mean-spirited.  So I choose to poke fun at it.  Let's remember it's a term being applied to women who are currently pregnant and/or have experienced a pregnancy loss.  Do you really want to be the a-hole to insult them or their most personal organs during such a sensitive, hormone-riddled time in their lives?  Should we be essentially criticizing the very pieces of these women that *define* them as women?

I say no..fully realizing no one actually cares what I say.

At this point, I have not even been given that diagnosis formally.  Or maybe none of my doctors have had the balls to say it to my face.  Frankly, I count myself extremely lucky because in most cases, IC is diagnosed following one or more 2nd trimester losses, and that does not apply to me.

I did have a 31-weeker following a pPROM in May 2012 (5 weeks in the NICU and doing great, thanks for asking!) and have been experiencing a 'thinning cervix' since week 21 of my second pregnancy (presently sitting at a 1.1cm, in case you're into numbers)

Maybe it's not the best blog name, but it's most definitely not the best medical term either.  While we're at it, can we discuss 'Irritable Uterus'??  

At any rate, I arrived at the name lying in a hospital bed in the dead of night and it's certainly not the worst decision I've made after midnight.

Hope you can find some entertainment in my family's ridiculous and sometimes rotten luck.  They say sometimes you can either laugh or you cry.  I chose laugh.

BTW: I am starting a campaign that will be presented to the medical community shortly.  I say we either re-name Incompetent Cervix and Irritable Uterus to something less offensive and infuriating or start calling Erectile Dysfunction 'Insufficient Penis' or 'Crabby Dick'.

Thanks for listening.

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