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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

That New-Mommy Smell

Whilst FaceTiming with my in-laws who had graciously agreed to watch our rug-ratty #1 overnight, I was told something shocking, 'mommy looks so beautiful!'

Bear in mind, I had already given birth to yet a-nother 31-weeker earlier in the day, so the shock value bar was set pretty high yesterday.  However, I had spent five days in bed, not showered in three, spent almost six hours in a narcotic/epidural-free labor, delivered a 4lb baby au natural, and haven't seen the business end of a tube of mascara in probably four months.  Still, my darling MIL is not known for blowing smoke up one's rear (will regularly point out when I - legitimately - look 'tired') just for the hell of it.  I have to assume there was *something' that prompted the comment.  Then I glanced at myself in the small window on the screen beneath my grinning toddler and saw the most enormous smile on my face I have ever seen. 

It may have boarded on 'creepy joker' big, like something was definitely up.  If in 16 years, one of my teenagers ever come home with that smile I will immediately suspect drug usage and promptly order a search and seizure of all involved bedrooms and cars.
(Yup, gonna be that kinda mom...right?)

The point is, I was grinning like a fool because despite all the shock and pain (oh Lordy, the pain!) and frustration of the day, I am a mommy again.

It's a role I wasn't sure I'd be good at (still not..at all) or even one I had felt was necessary in my life.  But as it turns out, it makes me happy.  Creepy enormous smile happy.

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