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Friday, June 21, 2013

Night Three of My Captivity: Cue the Waterworks

A really amazing friend of mine recently spent the better part of two months confined to a hospital bed in order to bring one of the most beautiful little girls I've ever seen into this world.  She told me when I visited (around halfway through her stay) that her doctors were commending her on making it so far without requiring a psych consult.  Apparently most women are prone to 'meltdowns' a couple weeks into a hospital bed rest scenario.  

My friend, of course, is a rock-solid woman with a deep sense of determination, amazing sense of humor, and a pretty excellent husband too (poor guy had to drive the better part of an hour to get from home to the hospital where she was staying).  I wasn't sure that I could have respected her spirit any more than I did when I watched her plow her way through a difficult pregnancy...but now I do. 

They haven't called in the psych consult yet, but I can smell it coming already.  

My second full day here was full of measurable triumphs: early morning contractions were noted when I requested a monitor, but subsided quickly. The second round of monitoring showed small contractions about every 10 minutes, but they were undetected by me (an annoying trend of mine) and dismissed by both RN and MD.  The evening tango with the monitor proved me to be free and clear of any contractions.  Baby is sounding strong and kicking all the time, and the attending MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine doc) even made some noises about removing that damn magnesium as early as tomorrow!

All excellent news, right?  Check it: I even took a lovely shower, hung out with my lovely mama, got to see my dad and my sweet little boy a couple times, and got some quality husband time in as well.  

So why for the love of PETE could I not quit crying over the craziest stuff??  

In case you were wondering just how crazy we're talking, here is a list of things that made me cry today:

1.  The ridiculously friendly man who brought my breakfast, Robert, opened a nice 'hot hand wipe,' for me to wash my hands prior to my meal.
2.  My mom brushed braided my hair (and was gentle!!)
3.  I accidentally ran the bed into the free standing monitor while un-reclining
4.  A toddler toy found in my bed after the kiddo left for the night
5.  The local evening news.
6.  A blog post written by my dear friend and personal hero who is presently riding her bike solo from coast to coast.

Now, before you all start an online petition to have me committed for good, maybe we can review some of the facts that may have lead to my general weepiness today (big shout out to my hubs for pointing these out to me before I could pry the window opened and jump out):

1.  I haven't slept more than 90 minutes at a time since my admission on Wednesday
2.  They're literally pumping me full of mood-altering drugs 
3.  What was that last one again?  Oh right, I'm *pregnant*

So, I'm dealing with it.  I'm putting my big girl pants on (under my hospital gown, of course) and dealing with it. I think I might even try to sleep for a few more hours.  

Catch you on the flip side.  Hopefully, there will be fewer tears there ;)

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