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Saturday, June 22, 2013

My 36 oz hospital mug is half full (vs half empty)

Today, I decided to make a mental list of positive things in my life right now.  
I'm not doing this to brag, BTW.

1.  Room service:  Breakfast in bed? Yes, please.
2.  Complementary wireless Internet access:  So I can finish ordering nursery essentials and connect with all of my amazing friends, family, and 'outlier' acquaintances who have suddenly started cheering for me (you are all appreciated beyond what I could possibly ever express in words) 
3.  FaceTime:  So I can feel like I'm right there in my living room watching my little monkey terrorize the bejeezus out of the dogs.  
4.  Face wash: take *that* pregnancy acne!!
5.  Getting kicked in the ribs:  because it means he's strong and still posed to arrive head first.  Although, I recall being elbowed in the exact same rib by big brother...WTH? Did he leave a note behind or something??
6.  My mom: Who I suspect may have cleared Buy Buy Baby out of their entire maternity clothes section in an effort to make me feel both comfortable and human again and because she is simply wonderful.
7.  My dad: Because hospitals -- and the L&D stuff in general -- are way outside of his comfort zone, but he has taken great joy in caring for his grandson and has been perfectly willing to disregard his discomfort to bring the kid for daily visits with mama.
8.  SCDs: Go ahead and call me crazy, but I still consider them an essential part of my delusional spa getaway.
9.  My friends/family: I gotta bring you people up again because I just can't quit loving y'all.  Even the smallest gesture of support makes this whole thing a lot easier to stomach.  They say 'it takes a village,' bit apparently it can take a flippin' army before the kid even arrives. 
10.  My partner in crime:  He is only left for last because he is indeed the best.  Now, if the dude would just quit knocking me up....

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