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Friday, June 21, 2013

Day Three of My Captivity: Winning the Husband Lottery

A recent FB comment inquiring the whereabouts of my thus-far unmentioned spouse inspired this emergency blog post.

How dare I imply his absence?  Shame on me!  Seriously, shame!!!

In adequately describing his unending sacrifice and iron-clad support style, I really wouldn't even know where to begin.  Do I rewind nearly six years to describe how he inexplicably pursued me across two different states for six months and has basically spent every spare ounce of energy since that time proving himself as nothing short of decent, respectable, and fiercely loyal?  

His sense of humor and practicality have saved me numerous times from falling off the hypothetical cliff I sometimes teeter on the edge of during difficult moments.  You may be familiar with that cliff. It's daunting and terrifying.  It's filled with chaos and imagined tragedies that nip at your toes as you gaze over the edge.  He spins me around and pulls me back to solid ground every time. He points out that every problem has a solution and maybe we should just focus on one *real* problem at a time, as opposed to twenty *potential* problems which may never even come to fruition. 

To my knowledge, my amazing husband has never once turned his back on his family.  In contrast, he's typically the first to rush to the rescue.  He has certainly been the rock holding our growing family together.  Sure, he has rotten luck so far when it comes to actual physical presence in the delivery room.  But I can take the heat on that one.  I had no earthly idea that it was possible to squeeze a child out in 15 minutes or less after resting somewhat comfortably less than an hour earlier (I insisted he join his sister for dinner). We'll also just rest a little blame on the magnesium for that...stupid ass-bag.

The poor man spends the entire school-year working his tail off (often over the course of 12-15 hour workdays) anticipating just a few weeks of 'freedom' between summer school and band camp.  During this time, he generally tackles some daunting home improvement project.

Today will be his last day of summer school.  Here's a list of extra-curricular activities he has gracefully managed over the past few weeks:

6/5: Rushed from work to GDWEU*, **
6/6: From work to GDWEU again (love that place!***)
6/7: Skipped work to rush the kiddo to the pediatrician.
6/7: Rushed the kiddo to the ER
6/11: Skipped work again, back to kiddo ER with eventual admission****
6/11-6/12: Overnight in a chair so preggo wife can sleep at home.
6/19: Rushed from work to GDWEU with eventual admission.
6/19-6/20: Another night in a similar chair

Guess how many times he's complained?
That's right, not once.  

In fact, he has approached every bump in the road with levels of calm competence beyond my comprehension.  I honestly don't know how he does it.  The only bigger mystery is how he could possibly have decided that *I* deserve to be the biggest beneficiary of his devoted character.


*My special acronym for the Women's Exam Unit/Preggo lady ER, you go ahead and guess what the GD stands for.

**Consists of sitting in yet another uncomfortable chair in a tiny coffin room, often listening to the terrifying soundtrack of women in the initial stages of labor or (worse) me tearfully playing out various apocalyptic scenarios.  The process usually takes 3-4 hours and demands that he switch on the both the charm and un-relenting patience buttons to keep us both sane.


****Diagnosis of paraflu and rhinovirus, the kiddo had a little trouble kicking this 'perfect storms' scenario.  Thankfully, he's recovered like a champ. 

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